Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charles Tilly

Mario Small at orgtheory reports that Charles Tilly, one of the dominant figures in the human sciences for decades, passed away this morning. He integrated and made major contributions to many fields of the social sciences, building systematic thinking and theorizing as well as deep knowledge of history in an incredibly fruitful way. This is a major loss.

Two interesting posts about pending or present difficulties in two different hybrid disciplines.

Josh Wright on the future of law and economics in an era of constantly-increasing technical sophistication in economics.

omar at orgtheory on organizations theory: "where are the phenomena?"

If you're someone who should be reading Professor Fabio's Grad Skool Roolz series, you presumably already are reading it and don't need advice from me to do so. But just in case: "grad skool rulz #19: words for women."

Monday, April 28, 2008

AAAS 2008

(2007 post here, 2006 post here.)

One political theorist elected to the AAAS this year, Charles Beitz of Princeton. Congratulations, and congratulations also to former colleagues Sue Stokes and Stathis Kalyvas. Political philosopher Elizabeth Anderson was inducted, as was McGill's incoming Macdonald Chair in Moral Philosophy, Calvin Normore, and Princeton political philosopher/ religious scholar Jeffrey Stout. Margaret Jane Radin, who has also made important contributions to political theory, was chosen under law.