Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The Harvard library's attempt to draw attention to the problem of journal pricing made me realize that I had no idea what things look like in our corner of the academy. Herewith the results of some googling: institutional subscription prices, for the US-- print and online combined rate, where available, print-only where not. Contemporary Political Theory, Palgrave: $970 Philosophy and Public Affairs, Blackwell: $208 Journal of Political Philosophy, Wiley: $938 Political Theory, Sage: $1095 European Journal of Political Theory, Sage: $804 History of Political Thought, Imprint: $320 Polity, Palgrave: $249 Ethics, Chicago: $438 Constellations: $1150 Political Studies, Wiley: "Combined Subscription with British Journal of Politics & International Relations and Political Insight and Political Studies Review and Politics" (sic; commas would be nice): $1707 PPE, Sage: $820 CRISPP Taylor & Francis: $703 Ethics, PPA, and HPT combined cost less than, say, CPT.