Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog bites man

New Faculty Members Say Graduate School Left Them Underprepared

Many young faculty members fresh out of graduate school who have been teaching for less than five years feel their graduate educations left them underprepared for faculty positions, according to a recently released survey.
The standard model of sociophysics

at orgtheory. A very important chart!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Really, I love Montreal and all...

for six months a year it's the best city in North America-- but I need my lefty American friends not to keep telling me that what's so wonderful about Canada is the health care system. (Note: this is the hospital nearest my home; in the event of an emergency, that's my relevant emergency room.)
Mac users...

can now force themselves to be free, or bind themselves to the mast with a timed release from their restraints-- chooseyour preferred traditional imagery. Hat tip: aufheben.

Monday, July 07, 2008

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, August 2008: "Evolution and Morality"

This year the ASPLP meets in conjunction with the APSA in Boston.

Panel 1
Date: Thursday, Aug 28, 4:15 PM
Author: Philip Kitcher
Paper: "Naturalistic Ethics without Fallacies"
Commentators: Robin B. Kar; Jonathan Beckwith

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy Evening Reception
Date: Thursday, Aug 28, 7:30 PM

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy Breakfast Reception)
Date: Friday, Aug 29, 7:00 AM

Panel 2:
Date: Friday, Aug 29, 8:00 AM
Author: Nita Farahany
Commentators: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong; Jennifer Culbert
Chair: Jacob T. Levy

Panel 3:
Date: Friday, Aug 29, 10:15 AM
Author: Larry Arnhart
Paper: "Deep History in Biopolitical Science"
Commentators: Daniel Lord Smail; Richard Richards
Chair: James E. Fleming