Friday, September 27, 2002

Don't spend today here. Spend it instead considering all of the serious and thoughtful commentary on war at Slate (especially Weisberg and O'Hanlon), at TNR (especially Walzer, Lizza, and this editorial that answers the question "What happens to TNR when its foundational commitments to Middle East hawkishness and to Al Gore come into conflict?), at NRO (this editorial, Hanson, Volokh), at Dan Drezner's and Virginia Postrel's blogs, at this Hitchens piece, and in the realists' antiwar ad in yesterday's NYT (not online that I can find). The quality and seriousness of arguments on both sides has taken a significant upturn this week (online and in the intellectual press, not in the political sphere). Minds now seem to be sufficiently concentrated on the most important of the questions.

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