Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, that was fun.

Let's not do it again real soon now.

I note that the two parties of the extreme-marginal left, Quebec Solidaire and the Greens, had a combined vote greater than the PQ winner in my riding-- which is the PQ's core heartland. (The PQ gets dismissed as "Plateau elites"-- the Plateau is my neighborhood.)

Once it was clear there'd be no PQ government, this was a night of serious political junkie fun-- a wild and weird election. As a Montreal multiculturalist I can't like the ADQ, an dI expect to spend a lot of time denouncing their positions on the reasonable accommodation of religious minorities, but I won't mind if they force the liberals to the right on fiscal questions, and really won't mind if they replace the PQ as the Liberals' primary rivals in the province. And there is something kind of fun about seeing a populist revolt in action, a promise-breaking premier lose his own seat, and so on.

Update: False alarm on that last point. After I went to bed the vote totals changed and Charest kept his own seat after all-- just barely.

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