Thursday, June 28, 2007

New look

I've upgraded the aesthetics around here a bit. Beaucoup beaucoup de whitespace, which I always have trouble appreciating until I see it. (My instinct is to cram as much text as is humanly possible into a given space. My Senior Page in my high school yearbook was... not aesthetically pleasing or very easy to read, though it amused me.) I like the ability to browse post titles in the left-hand sidebar.

The change was in the service of fixing my permalinks. The good news is: one can now click on the permalink button below each post and get a functioning link. The bad news is: this doesn't fix any of the old bad-code links. Sorry about that.

Took the occasion to tweak the blogroll, dropping some things (e.g. the late lamented Crescat Sententia) and adding a handful of new ones.