Monday, July 09, 2007


Via Brayden at orgtheory : the new ISI journal figures are out. Impact factors for selected poli sci, political theory, and political philsoophy journals. As is well-known, coverage is spotty-- particularly so for us, because ISI provides the service for Social Sciences (including "Ethics"), but not for the humanities (so excluding any journals it considers to be "Philosophy" rather than "Ethics."). I searched for and could not find History of Political Thought, Review of Politics, Constellations, Polity, European Journl of Political Theory, most of which are in ISI's Web of Science database. (By contrast, both The New Republic and Dissent are listed.)

3.023 APSR
1.923 Philosophy & Public Affairs
1.390 Ethics
1.083 Critical Review
1.055 JOP
0.762 Journal of Political Philosophy
0.500 Political Studies
0.404 Political Theory
0.231 Social Philosophy & Policy
0.230 Social Research

(I omit the AJPS deliberately, as it published zero articles in political theory last year.)

There's obviously something odd about the Critical Review figure. But it's interesting that Journal of Political Philosophy comes in so much above Political Theory.

I played around with the "cited by which journals" function for a few minutes. PPA and Political Theory, not totally surprisingly, are in different minifields; articles in one don't cite articles in the other. Articles in PPA are cited in PPA, Ethics, SPP. Articles in Political Theory are cited in Political Theory, HPT, APSR, JPP. JPP seems to be the bridge journal: cited in both Ethics and Political Theory, citing PPA as often as Constellations or the APSR. This confirms my hunch; lately it has seemed like JPP is the most catholic of the journals I regularly read.