Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blogging on jet lag and 2 hrs sleep in the last 2 days

You know, it's remarkable how entertaining and enjoyable and rewatchable I find Shrek, given that its moral is "It doesn't matter whether you're beautiful or ugly; all that matters is that you're not short."

By contrast, no matter how much fun I found watching Legally Blonde once in my life, I'll never watch it again. Its moral that "people who are beautiful and rich and popular but don't work very hard on their studies have it unfairly tough, until such time as the rest of us realize that their beauty entitles them to academic success" is too execrable to put up with twice.


Phoebe said...

Interesting. That's not at all the message I got from Legally Blonde. I thought it was that intelligence does not require professing indifference to fashion, cute guys, and so on. Which is a point worth making.

But it's entirely possible I'm the only one who got that moral from the movie. The video-application scene doesn't help my case.

Elizabeth said...

Phoebe—that's the message I got, too!