Thursday, April 19, 2012

Political theory books

It was pointed out to me today that I haven't done one of these in a while. Been posting on facebook without posting on the blog.

Some recommended books in political theory and related fields from 2011:

Iris Marion Young, Responsibility for Justice
Christian List and Philip Pettit, Group Agency
George Kateb, Human Dignity
Robert Alan Sparling, Johann Georg Hamann and the Enlightenment Project
Hasana Sharp, Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization
Lea Ypi, Global Justice and Avant-Garde Political Agency
Craig Yirush, Settlers, Liberty, and Empire: The Roots of Early American Political Theory, 1675-1775
Rebecca Kingston, Public Passion: Rethinking the Grounds for Political Justice
Adrian Vermeule, The System of the Constitution
Eric MacGilvray, The Invention of Market Freedom

Jeremy Jennings, Revolution and the Republic: A History of Political Thought in France since the Eighteenth Century
Evan Fox-Decent, Sovereignty's Promise

Marc Hanvelt, The Politics of Eloquence: David Hume's Polite Rhetoric
John Tomasi, Free Market Fairness
Laura Valentini, Justice in a Globalized World: A Normative Framework
Robert Wokler, Rousseau, the Age of Enlightenment, and Their Legacies
Christopher Brooke, Philosophic Pride