Thursday, October 31, 2002

Kaus vs. Judis, Part II will be up later tonight, Part III likely not until tomorrow. In the meantime: NRO's Corner is getting fun in the run-up to the election; it now features a guest commentator from my hometown with whom I have a funny sort of political connection, Chip Griffin. TNR's &c is wielding a particularly nice stiletto today. Douglas Laycock has an excellent rebuttal to the nasty piece in the American Prospect about liberal law professors supporting Michael McConnell.

Election doubts on my part. Who is the responsible choice for Illinois Attorney General (the only major competitive race in the whoile state)? The fresh-out-of-law-school hack daughter of a hack who will protect Democratic machine politicians (such as the next governor as well as her father) from any serious legal scrutiny? Or the experienced prosecutor who has sent innocent people to death row and is still an ethusiast for Illinois' utterly broken death penalty process? I genuinely don't know what to do in this one; and that's a) unusual for me and b) frustrating when it's the only remotely relevant vote I might cast next week.

More later...

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