Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sage and Political Theory roundup

I haven't said anything in this space about recent developments at the journal Political Theory; by the time all the facts were in so that anything responsible could be said, there was nothing left to say. But it's worth noting that Inside Higher Ed has picked up on the story and provided an overview.

Update: The Chronicle, too. Therein a tangential comment I made elsewhere is deemed "provocative."

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Will Roberts said...

Incredibly late to this one, but I thought it worth saying that your comment was "provocative," not so much because of its content, which was intelligent and reasonable, but because you actually signed your name to it. Having read through that thread's endless series of back-and-forth insults about "pomos" and normative theorists, virtually every one being left by "Anonymous," I thought it a rare act of decency and what-ought-to-be-common courage to identify yourself.

(And, to be clear, I think anonymous speech is an important "right" (power?), and should generally be allowed. I just thought the extent and content of the nameless airing of greivances on that thread to be egregious.