Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Mickey Kaus says, of the Think Group's World Trade Center proposal:

(So what if every suicidal teen with a pilot's license is going to try to
hang his Cessna from the latticework? They can mount AA guns on
the top! It'll be quite a show.)

This reminds me of something Jonah Goldberg wrote just days after September 11. It doesn't come across so well anymore, I guess, but it stuck with me like nothing else Goldberg's ever written-- jokey but in a distinctively defiant fashion that was much needed at the time. The column as a whole is, I think, one of his best; but this sentence in particular lodged itself in my brain and replays there every time I read or think about the design of the restored site.

But if we must have a shrine or monument for
our remorse, let's put it on the 200th floor, right
next to the antiaircraft guns.

I don't, finally, agree, but it's still always the first thought in my mind when WTC questions come up.

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