Friday, January 31, 2003

Second announcement:

On a trial basis I'm going to be blogging over at The Volokh Conspiracy for a month. Let me know what you think. Everything that's already here will remain here. (Remember, 'way back when, I speculated that group-blogs would someday triumph...) And I'll continue to update the blogroll to the left, including my reading list, links to my writings, etc as well as links to noteworthy blogs/

Bye for now...

Note: for those looking for posts about the Individual Indian Monies trust fund, look here and here.

UPDATE: You ought to be reading everything on the Volokh Conspiracy; it's good, smart stuff. But if you, my most faithful readers who are still coming to this site, want to be able to quickly look at just my Conspiracy posts as if they were a separate blog, click

UPDATED AGAIN: The Conspiracy has moved to My recent posts can be read at

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