Monday, August 20, 2007

Decisions, decisions

What panels to attend? APSA panel times for which I seem unable even to reduce the number of options below three, and often seem stuck at four.

Thursday, August 30, 8 am:

Roundtable: Author Meets Critics: Joshua Foa Dienstag, "Pessimism: Philosophy, Ethic, Spirit"

Roundtable: What Do Empirical Political Scientists Need or Want (If Anything) From Normative Political Theory?

Roundtable: Constituting Republican Government

Political Theory Beyond the State

Thursday, August 30, 4:15 pm:

Roundtable: How Should Normative Political Theorists Use Empirical Findings?

Roundtable: Knud Haakonssen's Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith

Moderation and Fanaticism

Friday, August 31, 10:15 am:

Roundtable: Modernity as a Crossdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Concept

Roundtable: The Political Theory of Bernard Williams

Is Political Theory 'Beyond Political Science'?

Roundtable: Authors Meet Critics: Walter Murphy's Constitutional Democracy: Creating and Maintaining a Just Political Order and Donald Lutz's Principles of Constitutional Design

Friday, August 31, 2 pm:

Contours of Black Political Thought: Panel I

Images of Federalism in Early Modern and Contemporary Europe

The Problem of Political Obligation

Roundtable: Is Federalism Theory Poor or Theory Rich?

Saturday, September 1, 2 pm:

Virtue and the American Founding

Roundtable: Iris Marion Young: Legacies for Feminist Theory

Roundtable: What's New About the New Originalism?

Global Justice

I don't think I'm getting more indecisive in my old age. I think it's just an unusually good program unusually badly clustered...