Tuesday, March 04, 2008

International Journal of Transitional Justice Fellows Programme Application

The International Journal of Transitional Justice (IJTJ) is pleased to announce the introduction of a Journal Fellows Programme aimed at increasing the publication and dissemination of pieces from south-based transitional justice practitioners and scholars. The Programme will provide the opportunity for five applicants to develop their writing, analytical and comparative content skills through a short training workshop followed by a one year e-mentorship by leading scholars and practitioners in the field globally as well as the IJTJ Editorial team.

Fellows will be invited to attend the first IJTJ Board Conference, to be held from May 28 – 30, 2008 in South Africa. During the conference, Fellows will be involved in all discussions and debates on the development of the field and strategic direction of the Journal, and will be provided a unique opportunity to network with key figures in the field of transitional justice. Fellows will then remain on for a further 2 day training workshop on writing, content and analysis.

Prior to the workshop, Fellows will be paired with a mentor from the IJTJ Board who will remain in contact with them over the course of the year and serve as a source of information, critical feedback and support as Fellows develop a minimum of one piece of sufficient quality to be considered for publication in the journal.

It is hoped that the programme will contribute to growing the existing pool of South-based voices in the field of transitional justice. We are therefore looking for academics, activists and practitioners from the global South who fulfil the following criteria:
• Have a background in either transitional justice practice or scholarship;
• Have direct experience of conflict or repression in their home context;
• Are interested in making a contribution to the field of transitional justice;
• Are fluent in English;
• Have prior writing experience;
• Are currently in, or will be returning to, a position in an institution in the field of transitional justice, human rights or related areas;
• Are prepared to commit themselves to the production of a minimum of one article over the course of the year.

Interested applicants should fill out the application form (available by request from ijtj@csvr.org.za) and submit it along with a covering letter, and a sample of writing to ijtj@csvr.org.za no later than March 15, 2008.

Please mark all correspondence with the line ‘IJTJ Fellowship Programme application’ in the subject line.

Applicants who are short listed will be asked to provide two letters of recommendation as well as a brief essay on a transitional justice-related topic.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.