Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reading List
Newly released:

Bringing the Passions Back In: The Emotions in Political Philosophy
. Professor Kingston will be our next guest at the Montreal Political Theory Workshop on March 28. Two chapters here from my colleagues Christina Tarnopolsky and Arash Abizadeh, both of whom do important work on the passions in political theory. I've read a couple of the chapters in this book; it'll be a worthwhile buy.


Foreword: Politics and Passion
Charles Taylor

Introduction: The Emotions and the History of Political Thought
Leonard Ferry and Rebecca Kingston

1 Explaining Emotions
Amélie Oksenberg Rorty

2 Plato on Shame and Frank Speech in Democratic Athens
Christina Tarnopolsky

3 The Passions of the Wise: Phronesis, Rhetoric, and Aristotle’s Passionate Practical Deliberation
Arash Abizadeh

4 Troubling Business: The Emotions in Aquinas’ Philosophical Psychology
Leonard Ferry

5 The Political Relevance of the Emotions from Descartes to Smith
Rebecca Kingston

6 Passion, Power, and Impartiality in Hume
Sharon Krause

7 Pity, Pride, and Prejudice: Rousseau on the Passions
Ingrid Makus

8 Feelings in the Political Philosophy of J.S. Mill
Marlene K. Sokolon

9 Emotions, Reasons, and Judgments
Leah Bradshaw

10 The Politics of Emotion
Robert C. Solomon