Monday, March 17, 2008

Cosmopolitan Duties and Domestic Consequences : The Case of Immigration

Montreal Political Theory Workshop – April 18th, 2008

Contemporary immigration regimes are increasingly scrutinized from a perspective of global justice. Do these regimes contribute to global injustice? Should we change immigration regimes in order to redistribute access to individual opportunities more fairly? Should we open our borders to the global poor? What would the consequences be for host societies? These are some of the important and timely questions the speakers at this year’s MPTW conference will address.


Joe Carens (University of Toronto) : «Open Borders Revisited»

Patti T. Lenard (Harvard) : «Do Theories of Historical Redress Apply to Immigrants?»

Christine Straehle (UQAM) : «Immigration, Trust and the Welfare State»

Shelley Wilcox (San Francisco State University) : «Immigrants Admissions in the Non-Ideal World»

McGill Faculty Club, 3450 McTavish Street