Thursday, March 20, 2008

Neutrality conference schedule

Liberal Neutrality: A Re-evaluation
Montreal, May 1-3 2008
Thursday, May 1
Leacock 232, McGill University

9.00 - Opening
Commentator: Daniel Weinstock (University of Montreal)
9.15-9.55 Peter De Marneffe (Arizona State University) “The Possibility and Desirability of Neutrality”
9.55-10.35 Jacob Levy (McGill University) “Is Neutrality Sustainable?”

10.35-10.50* Break

10.50-11.30 Ruwen Ogien (CNRS-Paris) “A Minimalist Justification for State

11.30-11.50 Comment
11.50-12.30 Discussion
* Lunch

Commentator : Joe Heath (University of Toronto)
1.45 - 2.25 Richard Arneson (University of California, San Diego) “Neutrality and Political Liberalism”
2.25-3.05 Alan Patten (Princeton University) “Religious Accommodations and Liberal Neutrality”

3.05- 3.20 *Break

3.20- 4.00 George Crowder (Flinders University) “Neutrality and Liberal Pluralism”

4.00- 4.20 Comment
4.20- 5.00 Discussion

Friday, May 2
Commentator: Arash Abizadeh

9.00-9.40 Christine Sypnowich (Queen’s University) “Human Flourishing : a New Approach to Equality”
9.40-10.20 George Sher (Rice University) “Perfectionism and Democracy”

10.20-10.35 * Break

10.35-11.15 Steven Wall (Bowling Green State University) “Pluralistic Perfectionism and Restricted Neutrality”

11.15-11.35 Comment
11.35-12.15 Discussion
* Lunch

Commentator : Colin Macleod
1.30-2.10 Stephen Macedo (Princeton University) “Neutrality and Public Reason”
2.10-2.40 Anthony Appiah (Princeton University) “Expressive and Instrumental Neutrality”

2.40- 2.55 *Break

2.55-3.35 Charles Larmore (Brown University) “Principles and Applications”

3.35- 3.55 Comment
3.55- 4.35 Discussion

Saturday, May 3d
Graduate Students and Young Scholars Workshop
Panel 1 : Characterizing Neutrality
Commentator : Geneviève Rousselière
9.00-9.20 Alexa Zellentin (Keble College, University of Oxford) “Neutrality as a Twofold Principle”
9.20-9.40 Marc Rüegger (Fribourg University) “Neutrality and Toleration as a Political Virtue” Christopher Lowry (Queen’s University) “Beyond Equality of What: Sen and
10.00-10.10 Comment
10.10-10.45 Discussion
10.45-11.00 * Break

Panel 2 : Neutrality and Perfectionism
Commentator : Colin Macleod
11.00-11.20 Oran Moked (Columbia University) “Perfectionism, Economic (Dis)incentives and Political Coercion”
11.20-11.40 Ben Colburn (University of Cambridge) “Neutrality, Anti-perfectionism and
11.40-11.50 Comment
11.50-12.15 Discussion
12.15 * Lunch
Panel 3 : Should Neutrality Be Thought On Epistemological Grounds?
Commentator : Roberto Merrill
1.30-1.50 Mariano Garreta-Leclercq (University of Buenos Aires) “A New Epistemological Argument In Support of Liberal Neutrality”
1.50-2.10 Ian Carroll (Nuffield College, University of Oxford) “Neutrality and Moral Scepticism - A Contractarian Approach”
2.10-2.30 Chad Horne (University of Toronto) “Liberal Neutrality and the Asymmetry Argument”
2.30-2.40 Comment
2.40-3.15 Discussion
3.15-3.45 Break

Panel 4 : Neutrality Applied to Specific Policies
Commentator : Daniel Weinstock
3.45-4.05 Larry Sanger (Citizendium Project) “A Defense of Expository Neutrality”
4.05-4.25 Patrick Turmel (University of Toronto) “Liberal Neutrality and the Polycentric City”
4.25-4.45 Andrew Lister (Queen’s University) “Public Reason, Liberal Neutrality and (Same-Sex) Marriage”
4.45-4.55 Comment
4.55-5.30 Discussion
*5.30 End of the Workshop