Thursday, September 18, 2008

I never did get around...

to writing my long-planned essay on the question "how can a libertarian live in Canada?" which I was asked an astonishing number of times in 2006-07. And now it seems it's too late. Will Wilkinson reports that in the latest Cato Institute/ Fraser Institute study of economic liberalism in the world, Canada has "has leap-frogged the U.S. to take 7th place, completely humiliating the tied-for-8th place land of the ever-less-free, home of the brave."

And, one assumes, the study was completed before the U.S> started nationalizinfg the commanding heights of the financial sector.

As Will notes, if the US isn't even obviously more free-market than Canada, then once civil liberties and social freedoms are taken into account Canada is surely the freer society.