Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VON KANT BIS HEGEL: Naturalism and Naturphilosophie

The fourth conference in the Von Kant Bis Hegel series (held in English, the name notwithstanding) will be held October 11-12. The conference, sponsored by Concordia and taking place a block off McGill's campus, features an extraordinary lineup; highly recommended.

Naturalism and Naturphilosophie

11 October 2008, Saturday
Centre Mont-Royal: Salon Cartier I

10:00: Mots de bienvenue
Speaker: Allen Wood (Stanford, Indiana): “Kant and the Intelligibility of Evil”
Moderator: Pablo Gilabert (Concordia)

Speaker: Rolf-Peter Horstmann (Humboldt): “Kant and the Problem of Purposiveness”
Moderator: George di Giovanni (McGill)

Speaker: Frederick Neuhouser (Barnard-Columbia): “Rousseau and the Normative Significance of Nature”
Moderator: Dario Perinetti (UQAM)

12 October 2008, Sunday

Centre Mont-Royal: Salon Cartier I
Speaker: Ludwig Siep (M√ľnster): “Hegel and Modern Bioethics”
Moderator: Matthias Fritsch (Concordia)

Speaker: Paul Redding (Sydney): “Platonism and Organicism in the Thought of Kant and Hegel”
Moderator: Klaus Corcilius (Humboldt)

Speaker: Sally Sedgwick (U-Illinois Chicago): “On the Conditions of Critique: Kant versus Hegel”
Moderator: David Morris (Concordia)

Speaker: Paul Guyer (Pennsylvania): “The Promise of Natural Beauty: From Kant to Adorno”
Moderator: Andrew Chignell (Cornell)

All talks will take place at Centre Mont-Royal: 2200, rue Mansfield/at Sherbrooke.

Metro: Peel or McGill No registration necessary