Thursday, April 30, 2009


Julian Sanchez on the lies being told about Cass Sunstein

a terrific Crooked Timber seminar on Steven Teles' The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement

My colleague Steve Saideman has taken up blogging, starting with an entry into the growing field of Joseph-Nye-on-political-science studies.

That insane Mark Taylor NYT op-ed on abolishing departments, tenure, disciplines, and in-person teaching gets ably dismantled in very different ways by Michael Bérubé and David Bell.

My colleague Will Roberts has a series of posts responding to Brad DeLong's recently-posted paper on Marx.

Dan Nexon calls for a referee boycott of journals that don't send ultimate decision letters to the referees.

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Matt said...

Thanks for pointing out the Roberts' piece- very interesting. DeLong further shamed himself with an extraordinarily, even by his low standards, dishonest "reply" to Chris Bertram that was transparently stupid and dishonest. It's always sad to see him do this.