Friday, May 01, 2009

The caffeine won't kill you...

but the water will. That's why it's safer to stick with espressos.

This many cups of coffee will kill you:
[...]an oral lethal dose for an 80kg human would extrapolate to 15,360mg of total caffeine. This technically is equivalent to the amount of caffeine absorbed from drinking 113 cups of coffee really really really quickly. However, the reality is that this figure would instead result in a fatality due to water intoxication since 113 cups is close to 30 litres of water.

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Matt said...

According to something I'd read in France about Balzac, at his grave, maybe, he's supposed to have died from a caffeine overdose from coffee, but in particular from espresso. It was "the lubricant of his pen", he said. While espresso has less caffeine, usually, than a normal cup, it also has less volume and less water, supposedly allowing him to drink enough in a short enough time to die of it. Wikipedia doesn't confirm this, though it does mention his huge intake. I think the story was that he had something like 20 espressos in less than an hour, but I don't recall for sure if that's right, even internal to the story, let along if it's true.